Axpasia is the leading Italian Label in the leather processing industry,
which has been creating exclusive collaborations with fashion, jewellery, automotive & perfume luxury brands all over the world. The manufacturing of  wearable leather accessories and high-end supplies, Luxury Boxes and Jewellery Displays for the world of retails left an incredible experience and the well know-how or “savoir faire”.

Thank to this continuous hard-work of Axpasia, we keeps a keen eye on fashion and market trends and selects only
the best materials for its products, which stand out for their
innovative design.


A semi-handcrafted finish that uses unique techniques.
The high quality of each details starts from the research of the best leather sold in the european market
and arrives till the meticulous attention to decorations.

All our products are developed within the company in its entirely.
During the production all the materials are conserved in special rooms to guarantee
the maintenance of their original features.


Years of collaboration with world-renowned goldsmiths and fashion houses and the
company’s leading-edge technology allow Axpasia to provide products of the highest quality.

What makes Axpasia products so unique are their innovative design and exclusive quality of materials.

From the development of a product to its display, no detail is left to chance.


Axpasia’s products are designed for people who cherish style and
elegance down to the smallest detail.

Both men and women with a taste for beautiful products, dynamic
individuals who are looking for sophisticated, long-lasting objects
to accompany them on their travels and in their everyday life.